Staff Listing




Fischer, Mary

Supervisor of Instruction, HS

Foster, Anne Coordinator of Therapies  
Idenden, Marianne Vice Principal, ES  
Miles, Dolores Business Administrator  
Miller, Jennifer Principal, ES  
Richvalsky, Stephanie                     Supervisor of Adult Services  
Fegan, Nancy                          Vice Principal, HS  
Weiss, William Executive Director  

Office Staff:

Altamar, Veronica Assistant Bookkeeper, ES  
Alvarez, Maria Human Resources Coord., ES  
Bender, Vivian Secretary, ES  
Biggio, Geraldine Secretary, ATC  
Dunn, Patricia Administrative Assistant, HS  
Engels, Barbara Office Manager, ATC  
Glover, Dawn Assistant Bookkeeper, ES  
Kea, Jenine Bookkeeper, ES  
Krlic, Ramiza Bookkeeper, ES  
Navas, Monica Secretary, ES  
Medina, Deborah Bookkeeper, ES  
Torres, Evelyn Bilingual Receptionist, HS  

Elementary School:

Barth, Susan Teacher of the Handicapped  
Berry, Barbara Occupational Therapist  
Cabling, Lannie Occupational Therapist  
Cataliotti, Donna Physical Therapist  
Coffey, Donna Occupational Therapist  
Del Toro, Nancy Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  
Devito, Karen Physical Therapist  
Engel, Kathleen Occupational Therapist  
Evans, Michelle J. Speech Therapist  
Grady, Rosanne Teacher of the Handicapped  
Haug, Laura Speech Therapist  
Keehn, Laurie Physical Therapist  
Kirwin, Carol, RN Registered Nurse  
Kuiper-Alleyne, Wendy Teacher of the Handicapped  
Kuzmanovski, Karen Physical Therapist  
Lore, Peggy Teacher of the Handicapped  
Lorenzo, Lisa Physical Therapist Assistant  
McCormack, Maureen Occupational Therapist  
McEwan, Mary Physical Therapist  
Murvay, Cindy Teacher of the Handicapped  
Panzitta, Michele Speech Therapist  
Pegas-Duarte, Vanessa Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  
Pereira, Beth Teacher of the Handicapped  
Preefer, Laurie Speech Therapist  
Puncar, Josephine Speech Therapist  
Rengifo, Isabel Speech Therapist  
Riley, Mary Physical Therapist  
Rosado, Ana Maria Social Worker  
Sacco, Jean-Marie Occupational Therapist  
Santos, Maria Teacher of the Handicapped  
Silver, Lenore Teacher of the Handicapped  
Tapia, Astrid, RN Registered Nurse  
Walles, Carolyn,RN,BSN,CSN Registered Nurse  
Wexler, Irene Physical Therapist  
Wlodawski, Joanne Teacher of the Handicapped  
Zwiazek, Susan Teacher of the Handicapped  

High School:

Beirne, Linda Teacher of the Handicapped  
Berberich, Barbara Job Coach Coordinator  
Caro, Yolanda, RN Registered Nurse  
Chetnik, Barbara Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  
Conte, Lesley Certified OT Assistant  
DeFilippo, Angela Teacher of the Handicapped  
Degnan, Cecilia Teacher of the Handicapped  
Dinicola, Patricia Teacher of the Handicapped  
Erickson, Suzanne Speech Therapist  
Frey, Aurelie Occupational Therapist  
Galindo, Marisol Social Worker  
Gargiulo, Suzanne Occupational Therapist  
Hammond, Amy Teacher of the Handicapped  
Henckel, Joanne Occupational Therapist  
Lakner, Linda Teacher of the Handicapped  
Lancaster, Bernadette Physical Therapist Assistant  
Lockwood, Joan Physical Therapist  
Markert, Betti Registered Nurse  
Mautone, Michael Physical Therapist  
McNeal, Kathlyn Speech Therapist  
Phelan, Rosanna Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  
Raymundo, Tatiana Registered Nurse  
Seltzer, Barbra Speech Therapist  
Stinton, Colleen Physical Therapist  
Tavarez, Nilsa Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  
Woodard, Lisa Speech Therapist  
Zywczak, Boguslawa Teacher of Students w/Disabilities  

Adult Center:

Camacho, Mary Occupational Therapist  
Harris, Serepha Instructor  
Hewitt-Delohery, Lynne A. Social Worker  
Martin, Rose Registered Nurse  
Pereira, Beth Teacher of the Handicapped  
Ranucci, Susan Speech Therapist  
Rathod, Brinda Physical Therapist  
Russo, Patricia Instructor  
Salazar, Rosa Instructor  
Sclafani, Diane Registered Nurse  
Waltenberg, Linda Instructor  
Young, Joyce Licensed Practical Nurse  
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