"The Playgroup has been a great experience for my son Brandon. It gives him the opportunity to play with other children. He has become less shy and is more willing to try new activities. He really likes the art projects. The staff gives me ideas on how to stimulate his language and has also been helpful with behavior strategies. I have made friends with other parents who are a great support system for me."


Evelyn Solano

Parent of Toddler Playgroup Student



"Joining the Toddler Playgroup has been very helpful for my daughter, Nayeli. It has been a great experience for her. She has made progress with her walking and her speech. It has been very helpful to see Dr. Armento at the Center. It was also very convenient to have Nayeli's braces made in the school. It is helpful to me that the teacher is bilingual."


Marta Lopez

Parent of Toddler Playgroup Student

"Our daughter, Ayleen, recently started the Playgroup. It is a very nice group of people who really care about Ayleen. We feel very confident with the staff. It is very convenient for us to be able to attend the equipment clinic at the school to make sure she gets all the things she needs."


Marco & Guisella Aparicio

Parent of Toddler Playgroup Student



"The Toddler Playgroup is a great place! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are very nice and make us all feel special. The group was a great introduction to the Center before my son, Gabriel, started preschool there. It made his transition easier as we became familiar with the staff and the program."


Sheila Ocasio

Parent of Pre-school Program Student



"The entire staff - and I mean everyone! - goes above and beyond. They all truly love my son Joseph and want to see him succeed. They celebrate every achievement he reaches. It is reassuring to have my son in such a nurturing, safe, and happy place. We will forever be thankful to all those who helped Joseph and our family."



JoAnn Gittleman

Parent of Elementary School Student



"I wanted to sincerely thank you and your staff for welcoming my committee.  It was our honor to have worked side by side with you to help raise a little money for the amazing kids at your center. My committee members were very touched and impressed with everything that you and your staff do on a daily basis in helping these great kids. I personally feel it is important for my committee to visually see who their hard work is benefiting and the difference they are helping to make - big or small. You truly lead a very special team of people who inspire and instill a real sense of heart, dedication, positivity and caring. I really wish this world had more people like yourself and your staff - we would all be in a much better place."



Brian Tangora, Program Manager

North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce



"In these eight years I feel like a member of this family. I am thankful for all the good things that you have done with my son. Above all I thank God for a school like the Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Center and what it has done for my son. All of personnel are very capable, humanitarian, and ethical in helping our children. I would like to especially thank the therapists for the great work that they are doing with my son."



Vivian Baza

Parent of Elementary School Student



"My experience with my daughter in this school has been marvelous. It truly has been an indescribable experience to see how the staff work with our children by contributing and dedicating their time to our children's development. My experience here with my daughter sincerely has been fabulous. There are so many things that I would like to say but I can only be said with one phrase, "thank you". Thank you for all your marvelous work that you do with all our children."



Gineiri Acevedo

Parent of Elementary School Student



"I am very happy with the pleasant and appropriate environment for my daughter at her high school. The staff is very efficient, knowledgeable and involved with the students' well-being. Janice is very happy at her school. It is clear that the staff adjusts to the students needs and does not emphasize that the student adjust to the needs of the school. I think this is a key element for my daughter's happiness."



Rosa Gonzalez

Parent of High School Student

"I am impressed by the patience and dedication that the staff has with the students, especially my son. Every time I visit the school, I know my son, Pedro, is safe and very well cared for. I appreciate how the staff involves the parents and the personalized attention given to Pedro and his special needs. I also like the classes, therapies and discipline that are used in the school. The staff has a great attitude!"



Ana Collado

Parent of High School Student

"I am very grateful for the effort in all the staff to ensure my son's progress. The communication with parents is excellent and very helpful to keep me involved in Kareem's progress in school. It's wonderful to see my son arrive home happy and smiling after a good day at school!"


Benny Colon

Parent of High School Student



"I have been a client of the Adult Center for 12 years. I love the Adult Center! The people are loving, helpful and kind. I want to thank the staff for helping me every day to reach my goals."


Alicia Cotugno

Adult Center Client



"The Passaic County Elks Adult Training Center is the best!!! All the staff knows my son well and treats everyone there with kindness. My son "Hippie" is excited about going to the Center everyday!"


Rosa Cruz

Parent of Adult Center Client

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